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Top SAP & IT Skill Sets Needed for 2015

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As per the statistics of a prominent research firm, SAP skills are categorized as one of the top 7 IT skills in demand in 2015.

So let’s understand what makes SAP so hot that is in prolific demand and presents a great career opportunity.

Why SAP skills are in demand?

SAP places itself as a top enterprise resource planning suite. With its worldwide presence being promulgated with SAP partners like Marvel Technologies Inc., it has a worldwide large pool of customer base from individuals to fortune 500 companies. As a result SAP skills seem to dwarf competitor skill sets related to Oracle, Peoplesoft and JD Edwards.

Further is a list of top SAP Skills which will see a tremendous demand in the market in 2015. This list is a result of the rigorous effort taken by our team of analysis. They have collected this information from several recruitment statistics and client demands. Hence, this list presents the real picture of top SAP skills you can develop as per your interests and education for a great career ahead!

The list is as follows-

SAP ABAP- A person with this skill set is in high demand for the module’s application-specific 4th generation languages or 4GLs. As a result it enables large corporations to construct mainframe business applications for crucial business operations like materials management and financial management.

SAP PI/XI- SAP PI (Process Integration) is also known as SAP Exchange Infrastructure (SAP XI). One of the NetWeaver components, this module forms the top SAP skill set for its compatibility with software processes and products of other firms.

SAP BI/BW- SAP BI/BW stands for Business Intelligence/Business warehouse. The person having an expertise in this module will be able to meet the rising need of corporate world for readymade software solutions for efficient data warehousing or data storage.

SAP FICO- SAP FICO forms the central module of all the SAP implementations. This skill set is the top priority of all big organizations from TATA to Sony for efficient external reporting concerned with proper maintenance of Balance sheets and profit and loss statements. Another key element which makes it a top SAP skill set is its ability to integrate with several important SAP modules like MM (Materials Management), SD (Sales Distribution) and PP (Production Planning).

SAP HCM- We all know the rising awareness of the prominence of human resource for any organization. SAP HCM (Human Capital Management) skill set offers comprehensive set of tools for effective management of a firm’s most valuable asset-people.

SAP HANA- A person interested in develop skill sets related to SAP HANA is perhaps in the books of all large organizations. SAP HANA is a relational database management system. It enables efficient handling of complex query processing and high transaction rates on the very same platform.

What makes SAP skills so hot?

Perhaps it is very well evident by numbers. In the past few years, job advertisements looking for SAP skills increased by more than 60%. The rise is due to convenience offered by SAP modules as discussed above. SAP is compatible on all systems like Unix, NT and IBM mainframes which use Oracle, DB2 and SQL Server databases. Hence, including fortune 500 companies, most large organizations prefer SAP management services.

Precious suggestions from SAP experts

This is a valuable conversation which we want to share with our readers which emerged in one of our client meetings.

Which SAP module should I opt for?

All modules of SAP are in great demand. However, you need to develop on a particular SAP skill set which aligns with your interest and previous educational and work experiences.

Being a starter, which SAP skill set is appropriate for my interest in coding?

SAP ABAP module presents a great start for newcomers interested in coding. You can also shift to other modules after say 1-2 years.

It will be very difficult for a starter to shift to other modules like PI. However, learning ABAP will make your fundaments strong. It will provide a comfortable base for further leap into other SAP modules.

Further you can also browse through the top Non-SAP skills which are also in great demand in 2015-

  • Java
  • .Net
  • Business Analyst
  • PEGA
  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Project Manager
  • Peoplesoft Financials
  • Hyperion Essbase Planning
  • Sharepoint
  • Solution Architect
  • Data Analyst