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Top SAP & IT Skill Sets Needed for 2015
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As per the statistics of a prominent research firm, SAP skills are categorized as one of the top 7 IT skills in demand in 2015.

So let’s understand what makes SAP so hot that is in prolific demand and presents a great career opportunity.

How Pega helps a Business Gain Edge?

Pega specializes in software for business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM).
“When it is about gaining competitive edge, technological advancement is a prime catalyst. And advanced Pega BPM solutions play a big role in helping a business gain an edge over its competitors,” says Derek Miers, Forrester, a leading American market research company.

Tips For Developing An Effective BI Roadmap

By Sat Kana – BI Practice Lead

Business Intelligence (BI) tools are effective only when they are able to meet the major three key expectations of any business. What are those expectations and how to prepare an effective BI roadmap is what you are going to learn in this blog.

What are the 3 key expectations of businesses from their BI Solution?

Every BI manager must be aware of the 3 most important expectations of any business group. A business expects its BI infrastructure to provide: