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Marvel Technologies blog post

How Pega helps a Business Gain Edge?

Pega specializes in software for business process management (BPM) and customer relationship management (CRM).
“When it is about gaining competitive edge, technological advancement is a prime catalyst. And advanced Pega BPM solutions play a big role in helping a business gain an edge over its competitors,” says Derek Miers, Forrester, a leading American market research company.
No wonder the entire organizational sector from start-ups to Fortune-500 companies like JP Morgan and Philips bestow their market leadership on Pega BPM solutions being integrated in their business processes.
In this blog, you will come across key reasons which will enlighten you with Pega’s ability to provide your business a competitive edge.

How Pega BPM technology helps businesses achieve competitive edge?
It is simply explained within these few words, “Pega BPM not only enables businesses to begin fast but also scale faster.”
As a result, Pega BPM is used by industries covering Communications, Energy, Financial Services, Health Care, Insurance, Life Sciences, Manufacturing and Public Sector.

How Pega strengthens the 2 key drivers of competitive advantage?
Pega BPM once integrated into your business will streamline your overall organizational submission process. This enhances revenue growth and channel loyalty which are the 2 key drivers of competitive advantage.

The Six R’s of Pega applications which ensure effective business process management and automation:
Many PRPC applications provide business process management and automation through six functional capabilities, informally known as the Six R’s:

  1. Receiving — Accepting and capturing the essential data describing work from multiple sources in   multiple media and formats, from keyboards, scanners, and external systems.
  2. Routing — Using characteristics of the work and knowledge about the workforce to make intelligent matches and assignments.
  3. Reporting — Providing real-time visibility of work in progress, work completed, productivity, bottlenecks, and quality.
  4. Responding — Communicating status, requests for information, and progress to the work originator and to other people involved in the work, by email, fax, written mail, and other means.
  5. Researching — Accessing external systems and databases through connectors to support analysis and decision making.
  6. Resolving — Through automated processing and automated support of users, completing the work and updating downstream systems promptly.

Pega BPM: Combines ease of use with process efficiency
On an average, 80% of businesses fail to attract and convert new prospects to consumers in a period of 10 years. This hinders their race to competitive advantage coupled with lower revenues and margins with each successive year.
In today’s highly competitive market attracting new customers is a challenge. Businesses which are able to provide valued new product offerings at competitive prices stay ahead.

Having said that, do you know what facilitates valued product creations at scalable heights? An easy-to-navigate submission process provided by Pega BPM.
Pega BPM streamlines new business processes making it more effective by combining ease of use with process efficiency. This facilitates creation of an easy-to-navigate submission process. This enhances the process of approving new business proposals and product ideas. Hence, the rate of “value propositions” increases with “ease of use.” This is the 1st step toward establishing customer or channel partner satisfaction and loyalty which ultimately leads to competitive advantage.

How Pega BPM helps businesses achieve reduced operating expenses?
There is an increasing pressure on businesses to improve their operational efficiency of new and existing business support operations. There is a pressure on business to process work with lesser resources. This only happens when work is pushed down the channel using intuitive web tools which enable employees expedite the processing of new business opportunities.

Pega BPM solutions creates a process for businesses which constantly delivers high-quality returns. With Pega BPM, managers can create multichannel business processes which improve response times and cuts operating expenses. It allows business managers to further enter untapped markets and exploit revenue growth opportunities.

Profit from our industry leading Pega BPM technology:
Our industry leading Pega BPM technology supports multiproduct and multichannel processing. This allows both internal and external customers of businesses to transition effortlessly between Web and various interaction centres as required.
Business managers can rapidly create and deploy processes for managing new business transformations and readily adapt those processes as warranted by market conditions.
Our Pega BPM technology also provides a feasible solution for legacy system optimization. This enables business processes optimization and increased organizational agility.
Your business will be able to extend and reuse existing processes for other channels and lines of business to improve productivity and consistency across business channels.
Our Pega BPM’s rules-driven platform allows business users to instantly add and modify workflows, product or service offers to accommodate fluctuating market and regulatory demands.

How Pega BPM helps businesses overcome risk, fraud and compliance worries?
Our Pega BPM technology helps leading industries effectively regulate and improve risk mitigation and compliance management through:

  • Automating crucial work steps using intelligent routing, escalation and prioritization
  • Refining policy enforcement using consistent application management throughout the enterprise
  • Implementing directed work processes initiating risk mitigation activities wherever required
  • Enhancing compliance processes with easy-to-use dashboards and detailed audit trails